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David Paul White has been representing individuals in difficult criminal law matters for more than 25 years. This experience as a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has given our law firm an unmatched ability to take on even the most unique criminal law cases with thorough investigations, strategic defense and an awareness of how our clients are most likely to get favorable results in a case.

When you contact our office, you will be able to gain an understanding of the charges brought against you as you work directly with your attorney, David Paul White. We do not pass off cases to associates or paralegals. Instead, our clients benefit from open communication and dedicated defense in every case.

Do You Know Your Rights?

Law enforcement and prosecutors are primarily concerned with gathering evidence against a potential suspect. They have the legal resources and skill to do this without hesitation, even when the rights of the individual they are investigating are at risk.

If you are being questioned, arrested for, accused of or charged with a crime, make sure to understand and protect your rights. For example:

  • If you are pulled over for a DUI: You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test.
  • If you are facing domestic violence charges: Your gun ownership rights could be at stake, and upon a conviction, permanently revoked.
  • If you are charged with a child pornography crime: You have the right to be protected against illegal search and seizure. All officers must have substantial evidence for probable cause to search your property.
  • If any criminal defense issue has affected you (including DUIs, drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, gun charges, theft crimes, white collar crimes, resisting arrest, etc.): You have the right to speak with an attorney before making any statements about your case to law enforcement.

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